Relish: My Word for the Year

As I’ve written before, I really like having a ‘word for the year’. I find this more powerful than New Year’s Resolutions. Choosing a single verb helps to keep me focused, and it’s much easier to remember! I get a bit ‘hippy’ about the choosing of the word. In fact, I believe that the word chooses you. There are usually several iterations of my word before one finds me that really sticks. And this year’s word?

FullSizeRender (1)


Not as in chutney, the yummy stuff to add zing to your sandwiches, as pictured here in my fridge, but as in the verb: to relish.

Last year’s word was ‘learn’. And it was a hard year’s learning. New job, eFellowship, great personal difficulties. So this is a year to live life and to enjoy. To relish.

My synonyms will be: savour, wallow, appreciate, delight.

This will be a word for both my personal and professional lives (and I’m beginning to think these really aren’t so discrete anyway). I want to appreciate life and savour its goodness. I want to relish in the challenges of my new job at CORE Education. I want to keep in the present, to be mindful, to breathe. To keep things in perspective and to search for the joy in any given moment. This year, I will relish 2016.

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