Marsden Professional Learning Session 2

Future Learning Theme: Technology allows for different kinds of collaboration

Today was our second-ever ‘Future Learning’ staff session.  As you can see, I initially presented on the overall theme of ‘collaboration’, and then co-ran a Google Docs/Google Drive workshop.

What I’m super-pleased with is that, contrary to the first session, I found this workshop far more successful, and indeed, even feel energised at its conclusion.  I think there are several contributing factors to this. Firstly, there were quite a few people in the workshop, so the desire to learn and participate was there. Having a co-presenter meant that there was more than one person who could help those who needed it. Also, having a very concrete ‘step-by-step’ help sheet (as attached) meant that people could work through at their own pace, with support from the presenters, or their peers around them. I think sometimes we need to remember to start off right at the beginning so that everyone can join us on the journey. If there are already experts, then they can go off and explore while the person to their immediate right is still looking for gmail on their browser.

The initial feedback from staff confirms that they were easily able to make connections between the workshop content and the future learning theme of collaboration, and that there seemed to be a real desire to explore the possibilities of Google Docs even further.  Hmmm … I hope they share their learning with me!

Marsden Professional Learning Session 1

Future Learning Theme: Technology is ubiquitous and learning is too

This is the copy of the presentation I gave today.  Just as a reminder, our Professional Learning sessions use a 20/20/20 model: 20 minutes of big picture (our Marsden vision and future learning strategy), 20 minutes of a hands-on workshop (and there are three to choose from to go to) and 20 minutes of reflection.

I enjoyed making the ‘ubiquitous’ presentation, and made sure that there was a task for staff to do so that they could use their shiny new devices.  I also enjoyed putting extra links into the presentation so that staff who were interested could go further and explore more.  I feel that this is a useful feature, and something I plan to continue doing.  (Note to self: make sure all the links I post from my Google drive have already been ‘shared’ so that they work first time!)

The workshop was a more interesting experience.  ‘Teaching’ peers is more of a challenge than I anticipated.  I think I need to reflect further on how I structure these workshops to help engage staff.  Having said that, it is a new model of professional learning for us, and staff are still experiencing teething problems with their devices, and once these issues have settled and staff are more familiar and comfortable I believe they will run more smoothly 🙂  Any tips and advice for leading hands-on staff learning are welcome – comment below or tweet me @AKeenReader !