It was a lovely summer’s evening in Wellington yesterday. As befitting such an evening, we were eating outside, and dining on a nice, light, post-Christmas meal of fish, corn on the cob, and salad. I trialled a new recipe: marinating the fish in some lemon and fresh herbs from the garden. The salad was a tried-and-true: a tasty Nigella number with feta, watermelon and olives. The combination of the salad and the fish was delicious! I was very happy with the feast.

While I was eating and enjoying the fruits of my labour, I was thinking about how I might even further improve on my efforts. Add lemon thyme to the oregano I used in the fish marinade. Make sure I use black olives rather than the lemon flavoured ones currently in the fridge. Definitely don’t marinade the fish any longer than I did – the citrus could easily become overpowering. I wondered what using lime rather than lemon would be like…?

And I realised: I was tinkering. I was reflecting with pleasure on what I had created, and was thinking about what I could do to make it even better next time. While there was obviously an element of judgement involved – how to improve – it was not negative as it was building on the enjoyment from my first iteration.

This is growth mindset. This is a maker mindset. If I’m happy to do this with my cooking, how might I inject this same attitude towards other areas in my life? Suggestions gratefully received!


One thought on “T(h)inkering

  1. steph campbell January 18, 2015 / 7:42 am

    Love that word, Thinkering- I bet as thoughts and discussions grow, students will be able to identify when they are doing this and also have a positive, maker mindset. Thanks for making my mouth water and brain engage Philippa:)

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