Just Ordinary

Okay, so, um, this happened:

photo (7)

And I share this because I’m nothing special. Okay yes, I’m ultra-stoked and super-proud to have Rachel Bolstad of NZCER fame share my work (squee!), but I’m just an ordinary teacher.

I’m by no means the most innovative teacher there is – far from it. Despite the Twitter handle of @AKeenReader, I’m not the most well-read education researchy teacher there is – far from it. I think my blog is rambly and a bit unstructured at times, but I enjoy doing it. I like looking back at the learning I’ve experienced. I like having the odd (literally and figuratively) suggestion I can sometimes pass onto other teachers who ask a question or express an interest in something I’ve had a play with. It doesn’t strike me as terribly ‘brave’ to share my classroom practice or my iterative learning attempts.

What the above tweets really mean to me is that if I can do it, as an ordinary teacher just trying to make her classroom match what I understand to be best practice, you can do it too.

(PS, I think the blogpost Rachel referred to in her webinar that prompted the above tweets was this one.)

One thought on “Just Ordinary

  1. Ms. Jess September 23, 2014 / 9:09 am

    Psh, you are not “just an ordinary teacher”. I may not have known you for long, but it is obvious that you are constantly looking for ways to enrich yourself and your students, even outside of your discipline and that’s pretty darn awesome! Your passion puts you on a whole other level.

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