Marsden Professional Learning Session 1

Future Learning Theme: Technology is ubiquitous and learning is too

This is the copy of the presentation I gave today.  Just as a reminder, our Professional Learning sessions use a 20/20/20 model: 20 minutes of big picture (our Marsden vision and future learning strategy), 20 minutes of a hands-on workshop (and there are three to choose from to go to) and 20 minutes of reflection.

I enjoyed making the ‘ubiquitous’ presentation, and made sure that there was a task for staff to do so that they could use their shiny new devices.  I also enjoyed putting extra links into the presentation so that staff who were interested could go further and explore more.  I feel that this is a useful feature, and something I plan to continue doing.  (Note to self: make sure all the links I post from my Google drive have already been ‘shared’ so that they work first time!)

The workshop was a more interesting experience.  ‘Teaching’ peers is more of a challenge than I anticipated.  I think I need to reflect further on how I structure these workshops to help engage staff.  Having said that, it is a new model of professional learning for us, and staff are still experiencing teething problems with their devices, and once these issues have settled and staff are more familiar and comfortable I believe they will run more smoothly 🙂  Any tips and advice for leading hands-on staff learning are welcome – comment below or tweet me @AKeenReader !


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