What do you do?

Aha!  The principal has approved my self-written job description!  (Gotta love that opportunity.)  So, in answer to all of you wondering what a ‘Future Learning Leader’ does, here you go:

Future Learning Leader

The Future Learning leader will inspire staff to develop a vibrant inquiry, blended learning ethos throughout the school.  As Future Leader the appointee will closely liaise with: the Principal, the Director of Teaching and Learning Systems, HODs and ICT team.


The Future Leader will:

a)     Lead and encourage the investigation of new pedagogies and their application in the curriculum.

b)     Be an excellent communicator.

c)     Be competent in the use of ICT.

d)     Demonstrate a commitment to:

  • developing and supporting the implementation of blended learning pedagogies across the range of learning areas.
  • co-ordinating professional learning.

Key Position Tasks of Future Leader:

  1. Lead professional learning in staff meetings to develop FL pedagogies.
  2. Attend HOD meetings to promote FL and blended learning approaches and inquiry practices.
  3. Assist departments and individual staff with FL inquiry and skill-building.
  4. Model or promote best practice examples of FL pedagogies.
  5. Encourage and support the development of personal/professional learning communities.
  6. Contribute to online library of workshops and instructional videos.
  7. Work on other related and relevant tasks as negotiated.


*Rubs hands with glee*  Can’t wait!

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