Bringing Discovery Back

I really enjoyed this blog, and in particular this TEDEx talk. Some of my ‘take-aways’ from this presentation include:

  • Allowing students to explore -> play -> learn, which is a process that requires critical thinking and creativity. We shouldn’t just accept things the way they are.
  • Daniel, the speaker, makes two suggests for ways we can be explorers:
  1. Being a ‘polar’ explorer – thinking about the extremes, the most to the least
  2. Being a ‘circumnavigator’ – walking around the edges of things to see what is marginalised and what is centralised – this suggests values and is a political act.
  • Without exploration there is no discovery, and students deserve an ‘a-ha!’ moment.

Steve Mouldey

On Friday I was invited/gatecrashed a visit by our Deputy Principals to see the Mind Lab in Newmarket. It is an incredible space that really empowers people to discover science, technology and engineering. We are having a large MakerSpace built in our new school so were looking forward to seeing some ideas for how it could be set up and used plus work out what the Mind Lab could offer above what we could do in future.

Chris Clay met us and showed us around the amazing space while explaining what each area is used for: film special effects, 3D animation, robotics, coding, science…it was incredible as you can see from the photos below:

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