I had a fellow teacher friend who was really interested in the area of gifted and talented education.  He completed a paper in it, and as he was studying, he joked that all he needed was to find a new shape to present the same ideas in, market it as something new, and hey presto!  Millions!  Now, I don’t think for a minute that that’s true, but it does seem that teachers and educators like their shapes, models, scaffolds, frameworks or (new take on same thing) infographics.

Cynicism aside, the framework below is actually one I think that has the best potential.  What I particularly like, and what I think will have resonance for the staff at my school, is that it does acknowledge the ‘traditional’ subject areas that high schools are generally still quite committed to.  I also like that I can see where our NCEA and formalised assessment slots in.  Furthermore, I think there is clear potential to use the words of our school’s vision to adapt to our specific context.  It’s a great find.

Framework for 21st Century Learning


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