Futures Thinking

Notes from Claire Amos’ “Futures Thinking and The Future of Education”

Video presentation: Futures Thinking, accessed 5/11/13

The best summary of the themes and strands I’ve been observing as I’ve researched.  Claire Amos has done it again!

Common Assumptions about 21st Century Learning

Skills needed:

  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Information and media fluency

Therefore, Pedagogy needs to shift:

  • Complex communication skills need to be taught, including the development of information and digital fluencies
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills need to be taught explicitly
  • We need to provide opportunities for collaboration – both face to face and online
  • There needs to be increasing self-direction to encourage creativity and innovation – a move towards student-centred learning

In summary, we need a pedagogy which is at times self-directed, inquiry based, problem-base, personalised yet collaborative, which is supported by blended/digital structures

To achieve this, there needs to be three shifts:

  1. From low level to high level thinking
  2. From analogue to digital
  3. From teacher-directed to student-directed

“Critical thinking, digitally rich and increasing levels of self-direction, will ensure we are developing students who can survive in the knowledge age and flourish in the age of hyperchange.”

We will also therefore need future-focused leadership, which ultimately is change leadership.  The teaching as inquiry model of the New Zealand Curriculum is an effective model of change management.


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