Oops – a quick post about ULearn – this is a conference I attended 9-11th October, 2013 in Hamilton.   It is a conference about using technology to enhance teaching practice and student outcomes.  There is a huge variety of workshops to attend, and inspiring keynote speakers to listen to.  This year the keynote speakers were: Kenneth SheltonMark Pesce (I have a link to his very interesting website ‘The Next Billion Seconds’ on my ‘Useful Links’ page) and Dame Anne Salmond.

It is no small feat to claim that I found the conference inspirational, and really significantly for me, re-energised my passion for teaching.  I love the emphasis that thinking about e-learning and future learning principles places on my teaching practice and pedagogy.  Before now I have been very critical of education as an academic pursuit, but now feel like reading some research!

If nothing else, I have these two fab sayings to take away:

“Feed the hungry; don’t water the stones.”  (And, for the record, I’m famished!)

And Ghandi’s, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” (ahem, even if he didn’t quite say it like that…)


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