Concrete Where-to

Here are three key things I plan on actioning as a result of my ULearn reflections:

  1. Flip my language teaching as much as possible – especially the content for junior common tests.  Get onto TED-Ed, and organise flipped lessons around punctuation, grammar, figurative language learning.  Choose the dedicated language lesson once I know my timetable so that there is a day’s gap – time for me to see which students have grasped the concepts, and which haven’t so that I can target individual student needs best.  No reason why seniors can’t be flipped like this too, especially around content revision for Unfamiliar Texts teaching.
  2. Analyse the Marsden vision statements to formulate some key phrases.  This will help set an overall vision to measure new ideas and strategies against.  I’ve collected some from other schools which will help with the phrasing.
  3. Read and research fully future learning principles so that I can articulate them clearly and succinctly to staff.  This will serve as ‘double duty’ – on a micro level for planning my class programmes, and on a macro level to help me formulate a ‘teaching as inquiry’ for my position as Future Learning Leader.
  • I will also sign up to the Virtual Learning Network to help me access research, help, advice, guidance – other schools’ stories as they have ventured into these uncharted territories!

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